Sedation with nitrous oxide

Is your child anxious about visits to the dentist? Nitrous oxide sedation could be a solution for her or him. Indeed, it is a completely safe option to control anxiety, allowing the patient to relax, to feel a feeling of well-being and even euphoria. The Dents Mon Quartier team is pleased to offer nitrous oxide sedation in LaSalle.

What is nitrous oxide sedation?

Nitrous oxide was once used for its euphoric properties; it was then known as laughing gas. Since its calming effects are now recognized, it is used in dentistry to perform conscious sedation with nitrous oxide. The latter takes the form of an odorless and colourless gas, which is administered using a mask  designed to be placed on the nose. It is then given continuously during treatment, to allow the patient to be fully relaxed.

Nitrous oxide allows conscious sedation. The patient can continue to interact with the dentist and the care team and remain able to follow instructions.

The benefits of nitrous oxide sedation

  • Decreased anxiety: The sensation induced is often compared to a feeling of relaxation and absolute well-being. Patients feel like they are floating. This is a good way to control anxiety while the dentist provides care.
  • Loss of the notion of time: the patient does not perceive the time that passes during the treatment. This is truly relevant when you need to receive more complex and longer-term treatment. 
  • Analgesic  effect: the analgesic action  of nitrous oxide helps to control pain during treatment and contributes to the patient's comfort. In addition, when used in combination with an anesthetic, it improves the effects of the anesthetic.
  • Rapidity of effects: the effects of nitrous oxide are felt in just a few minutes. However, when it is stopped, the effects fade quickly, in about 5 minutes. The patient may be able to go back to his normal activities as soon as the treatment is complete.
  • No toxic effects: Nitrous oxide does not accumulate in the body. In addition, its concentration is tightly controlled to avoid any toxic effects.
  • A pleasant experience at the dentist: because of the feeling of well-being induced in the patient, nitrous oxide allows to have a pleasant experience, even during dental treatments that, at first glance, may seem more complex or unpleasant. Thanks to nitrous oxide, the patient keeps a good memory of his dental visits, regardless of his age.

Who is consciously sedated using nitrous oxide?

The use of nitrous oxide can be adjusted for each patient. In all cases, the aim is to achieve a state of relaxation and zenitude. Thus, nitrous oxide sedation can be suitable for virtually everyone. However, the Dents Mon Quartier clinic only offers this service to children.

Safe sedation with a qualified dentist

At Dents Mon Quartier, we are proud to count Dr. Eric Chang, a general dentist, as part of our team. Dr. Eric focuses his practice on paediatric dentistry, that is, he offers  a full range of care to children of different ages. He has also honed his skills in the administration of nitrous oxide sedation to his young patients.

Combined with the benefits of nitrous oxide sedation, Dr. Chang's qualifications will allow your child to have a most enjoyable experience during their visit to our LaSalle dental clinic.