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Dental implant services

To replace one or many missing teeth, you have various options.

Gum recession treatment with the Pinhole Surgical Technique ®

Treat your gum recession without the need for a scalpel or surgery!

Orthodontic services

Read up on the various methods used to straighten your teeth!


We’re located in the heart of LaSalle, corner Boulevard Newman and Avenue Dollard, in the Jean-Coutu complex. Highly qualified, efficient and welcoming, the team of the Dents Mon Quartier clinic is always up-to-date to the latest technological advances in oral health, ensuring quality care and a wide range of services ... all under one roof! 

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Cosmetic dentistry services

Cosmetic dentistry offers patients a range of techniques to give you a smile that you will be proud of. Dr. Joumana Charouk, D.M.D., offers a wide range of services in cosmetic dentistry.

Same day crown service (Cerec Technology)

Get your tooth restore the same day using the Cerec technology. You no longer need multiple appointments to get your crowns placed! Isn't technology great?

General dentistry services

Dr. Joumana Charouk, D.M.D., offers a wide range of general dental services including dental hygiene and prevention , implantology, oral surgery, orthodontics (including Invisalign) and other services. All your dental needs will be met under one roof!

Non surgical gum disease treatment service

Are you suffering from gum disease? Treat it with a non-surgical treatment of gum disease to get nice, healthy gums while preventing the loss of your teeth, bone, bad breath and other health conditions.


The mission of the Dents Mon Quartier clinic is simple: we wish to inform our patients about the importance of oral health and prevention while offering them quality dental care in a warm, comfortable and professional atmosphere ... all under one roof. Make an appointment now!