Teeth Whitening

Although whitening products bought in drug stores yield some results, they are less effective than office-based options supervised by a dentist!

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The cause of stained teeth

Many factors contribute to the appearance of spots and stains on the teeth. Your diet and your lifestyle are the two main ones! People who consume coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes may have stained teeth that are difficult to bleach. Some people, for their part, had to take medication during their childhood, which could have contributed to permanently stain teeth.

In-office teeth whitening

There are multiple ways of bleaching teeth, such as toothpastes, gels, mouthwashes, whitening strips as well as bleaching treatments offered by a dentist.

Discuss treatment options with your dentist and determine which method works best for your budget and availability. Note that some procedures may be performed at your dentist, while others may need to be done at home.

During an in-office treatment, we will use:

  • powerful bleaching agents;
  • custom made trays that you will keep;
  • dental dams as a protective measure;
  • a personalized treatment plan;