Accessibility from Angrignon

The Dents Mon Quartier team is located a stone's throw from the Carrefour Angrignon, in a modern and bright dental clinic. Come and visit our new premises! You will find the same warm team and attentive to your needs. Whether you are already a patient with us or looking for a dentist in Angrignon, our dental clinic welcomes new patients.

To continue to offer our patients a most enjoyable dental experience, we have recently moved into our new clinic on Newman Boulevard. These are located just a few minutes from the Carrefour Angrignon and all the shops that surround it.

Dr. Joumana Charouk, dentist and owner of the clinic, and her team are committed to providing a dentistry experience that is aligned with the latest developments in the dental field. Our dentists, hygienists and all our professionals therefore use a range of cutting-edge technologies. These allow us to provide effective and comfortable dental care, while being minimally invasive.

A dentist in Angrignon to meet all your dental needs

We believe that it is not only important to find a dental team that is caring and that offers modern facilities, but it must also be able to meet all in oral health needs.

This sums up the Dents Mon Quartier team, your dental clinic in the Angrignon area. In addition to traditional general and family dentistry care, our dentists and their team offer a wide range of treatments. Dental whitening and other aesthetic care, dental implants, gum disease treatment, grafts, and other surgeries... You will find all the services you need to maintain a healthy smile or to improve its functionality or appearance.

Our dental clinic also offers a pediatric dentistry service. One of the general dentists who make up our team effectively limits his practice to children's dental care.

Accessibility of our dental clinic in Angrignon

Our dental clinic is now located in the Angrignon sector, a few steps from the Carrefour Angrignon. We are therefore located near the main traffic routes that are Angrignon Boulevard and Newman Boulevard. These are served by several bus lines in the STM network. In addition, our clinic is now easily accessible by metro since we are located just a few minutes from Angrignon station. Find out below how to get to our clinic.

By car:

From Newman Boulevard going northeast direction, continue Newman Boulevard and pass Angrignon Boulevard. Our clinic is located about 300 m away, at the intersection of Newman Boulevard and Viola Desmond Street.

From Angrignon Boulevard, turn northeast onto Newman Boulevard. Our dental clinic is located about 300 m from the Angrignon/Newman intersection, just after Viola Desmond Street.

By public transit:

From the Angrignon station of the Montreal metro, located at the entrance to the park of the same name, take Boulevard des Trinitaires to the west. Take Irwin Street to the right and go to Allard Street. You can then turn left a few steps further to take Viola Desmond Street. Continue to the end of the latter since our dental clinic is located at its intersection with Newman Boulevard.

By bus:

  • Bus 37-N: stop 57085, located at the corner of Newman/Irwin
  • Bus 37-S: Stop 56969, located on Newman Blvd.
  • Bus 78-E: stop 56727 on Angrignon Blvd.
  • Bus 109-S: stop 56727 on Angrignon Blvd.
  • Bus 109-N: stop 57108 on Angrignon Blvd.
  • Bus 495-O: stop 57108 on Angrignon Blvd.

Contact our team to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Angrignon. Whatever the nature of your dental needs and regardless of your age, our team will receive you with warmth and respect to take care of your oral health.