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Welcome to the Dents Mon Quartier dental clinic!

Choosing the right dentist for you and yours is an important decision. 

Since a first visit to a dental office can be a source of anxiety and questioning for some people, most patients want to get there well prepared.

To make your first visit with us more simple and enjoyable, we made this section specifically for our new patients that probably have questions concerning our philosophy and the way we work.

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First visit

At Dents Mon Quartier, new patients usually start by a complete examination. It is also possible that a new patient comes to see us for a dental emergency or because they have a specific need related to their dental health.

The dentists' examination  is obligatory and paramount in the diagnosis of your oral health. This is also why your dentist cannot start by a simple cleaning and must perform a complete dental examination. 

The complete dental examination includes an assessment of:

- the teeth;

- the gums;

- the tongue;

- the soft tissues;

- the palate;

- the inside of your cheeks;

- an oral cancer screening test using VELscope® VX;

- X-rays, small and large; 

- pictures of the inside and outside of your mouth;

- a saliva sample, to analyze the bacteria;

- periodontal measures.

Due to the extensive nature of this first exam, we prefer performing the cleaning at a subsequent appointment, which allows your dentist and  her team to prepare a your a complete analysis of your oral health and present it to you upon your next visit!

The dentist will also check for gum infection or cavities, wear and tear and any other unusual signs. Dental prostheses, if any, are also examined.

The dentist will also assess your health status and lifestyle habits using a medical questionnaire. This questionnaire includes:

- general health assessment;

- previous hospitalizations;

- medication and drug allergies;

- risk factors, including tobacco and alcohol consumption;

- dental and family history.

You will never have experience such a complete dental exam! We are certain of that.

Documentation and forms

To facilitate your first visit with us and to speed up your admission to our clinic, we provide you with various forms, which we invite you to download and fill in beforehand. You can then send us by e-mail or print a copy which you would bring with you the day of your appointment.

We also invite you to consult our Frequently Asked Questions section which answers some of the most frequent questions we receive from our patients.

In order to help your understanding and comprehension of the dental lingo, we’ve prepared a glossary of various terms linked to the field of oral health.

Insurance and financing


We accept several payment methods such as :

  • Cash
  • Debit
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Certified cheques

Dents Mon Quartier also offers flexible payment options that adapt to your needs and allow monthly payments, in order to allow you to have access to the dental care you deserve.

Contact us : we will take the time to explain those options to you and allow you to choose the option that is the best for you!

Your options are :

  • DentoPlan
  • Monthly equal installments (depending on the amount of treatment)

Our position regarding your dental insurances. 

Our primary role is to provide you with quality dental care. The mechanism by which a dentist agrees to claim only the uninsured portion of your care and then wait until your insurance company reimburses the insured portion is called the delegation of payment.

However, it becomes increasingly difficult to get paid by insurance companies, and the many constraints of the payment delegation have too big an impact on the management of a small and medium business like ours. We cannot and do not want to take on the extra work and the costs that the insurers are trying to pass on to reduce their own administrative costs.

Consequently, at the Dents Mon Quartier Dental Clinic, the patient is solely responsible for his / her account.

However, we will obviously continue to electronically transmit the claims of our patients to their insurers so that they receive the reimbursement provided by their insurance plan.

Emergency exam (or specific exam)

Did you bite on a popcorn kernel and hear a "crac"? Have you been feeling discomfort on a tooth for over a week and wonder what is going on? Whether you are in pain or that you have a specific concern regarding a tooth, the emergency (or specific) exam will allow your dentist to answer your interrogations and to relieve you pain, if that’s your case.

The emergency exam includes:

  • An examination of the affected area;
  • Localized x-rays;
  • A diagnostic for the concerned region;
  • A specific treatment plan;
  • A panoramic x-ray, if needed.

 Call or email us to make an appointment!

Dental care

Dental care requires a myriad of techniques, each adapted to the specific needs of the treatment according to each patient's dentition and health. Our services range from general maintenance to emergency care, to cosmetic and pediatric dentistry.

Whatever your oral health needs, our welcoming and qualified team will be happy to help you!

See our full list of services here . 

Office hours

In order to help you obtain the smile of your dreams, the Dents Mon Quartier clinic is open on Mondays and Tuesdays from 11 am to 7 pm and Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 am to 4 pm. A telephone presence is available on Fridays between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.

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Frequently asked questions

Dental care is often the subject of many questions, not to mention apprehensions! In our Frequently Asked Questions, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Happy reading!

Frequently Asked Questions