The Dents Mon Quartier dental clinic would not be where it is today without the help of the advanced dental technology our clinic uses daily. Patients depend on us to thoroughly clean their teeth and protect their oral health from harm, which is why our staff utilizes only the best equipment that dentistry has offers.

Improved safety and efficiency are by far two of the top benefits provided by modern dentistry; dentists today can quickly assess and diagnose oral health issues at the source, knowing with pinpoint accuracy what the causes of an affliction are and where they are located.

Below are a few of the devices we use to aid our general and cosmetic procedures:

CEREC technology

CEREC technology not only allows the replacement of fillings or the placement of aesthetic veneers in one visit: it also enables your dentist to restore any decayed, weakened or broken tooth to solidify it.

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Digital x-rays

Thanks to a special sensor, the x-rays appear directly on the screen in front of you!

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The high resolution intraoral camera

Not only does the intraoral camera allow us to see clear images of your teeth and gums, it also helps us to spot dental problems early in order to treat them quickly while allowing us to show you what we've seen!

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VELscope VX® Techbology

VELscope® technology helps your dentist identify suspicious lesions of the mouth, including cancerous and precancerous lesions.

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