COVID-19: Our measures for your safety

At Dents Mon Quartier, your dentist in LaSalle, we make a point of staying up to date with the evolution of modern dentistry techniques and technologies. This allows us to provide effective, comfortable and the safest care possible.

In fact, the current pandemic has forced us to put in place new measures, which are aimed at ensuring the safety of all, both for our patients and for our dental team.


The dental clinic: an environment with a very low risk of contagion

Before the pandemic, dental clinics in Quebec were already subject to very strict protocols for asepsis, e.g. for all matters relating to disinfection and safety. These protocols are monitored very regularly by independent instances to ensure that they are respected.

The Ordre des dentistes du Quebec and public health have issued new recommendations related to the current pandemic. At Dents Mon Quartier, we rushed to put the entirety of them in place. Indeed, we wanted to receive our patients as quickly as possible in an environment that is safe for everyone. Thus, we are able to offer you the same range of services and the same quality of care that you are used to.


Preventive measures put in place


UltraHEPA, UVC and ionizing air treatment units

We have added 6 UltraHEPA, UVC and ionizing air treatment units. These units allow a complete change of air in the treatment rooms several times per hour. This is to eliminate aerosols, the microdroplets composed of saliva and water (which come from certain dental instruments). Of course, these aerosols are associated with a risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria.

In order to prevent aerosol contagion, our clinic has also equipped itself with high volume suction equipment. These are used in dental care that produces more aerosols.

Personal protective equipment

Masks, visors, jackets, gloves, goggles... your dental team now wears personal protective equipment to protect themselves, as well as to protect patients. In this regard, we are following all the recommendations that are currently in place. Please note that these are expected to change and that the combination of equipment worn by dental professionalss may vary depending on the treatment being provided. 

Redevelopment of parts of the clinic

Treatment rooms were closed to prevent air and aerosols from circulating in other sections of the clinic. In addition, some of the clinic's space have been set up to ensure that physical distancing is respected by patients during their visit. We were also forced to remove magazines and refreshments from the waiting room.

Patient screening

All patients will be screened when making their appointments. This is to ensure that you do not pose a risk of contagion. Screening will be done again when you arrive at the clinic. We will also take your temperature to make sure you don't have any symptoms. If you feelsick or have been in contact with a group of more than 10 people in the past 7 days, we will ask you to schedule another appointment.

Please note that all members of our team will also be monitored by taking their temperature daily. Staff will stay home if they do not feel well.

Addition of disinfection protocols

As mentioned, we were already subject to strict protocols for clinical asepsis. In the current context, these have been amplified. Indeed, all dental instruments, equipment in the rooms, surfaces and spaces where patients circulate are disinfected very regularly and meticulously.

We offer our patients, as well as our team, a very safe environment where the risk of contagion is reduced to a bare minimum.


Making appointments and visits to the clinic

There are also some changes to be expected in terms of making your appointments as well as during your visits to our dental clinic. Please follow the procedures put in place, which include:


  • Appointment: Appointments must be made by phone or via our appointment request form. We will no longer accept people who come without having an appointment. In addition, chaperones will no longer be accepted, except for children and patients with special needs.
  • Arrival at the clinic: We ask you to call us when you arrive at the clinic. Our staff will tell you if we are ready to receive you, but we may ask you to wait a few minutes outside or in your car.
  • Preventive measures for patients: You must wear a mask or face covering as soon as you enter the clinic and to the treatment room. We will ask you to disinfect your hands as soon as you enter, we will take your temperature and ask you the screening questions once more.
  • Pre-treatment rinse: We have strengthened our protocols to include the use of a pre-treatment mouthwash by our patients. This is effective in reducing bacteria and viruses inside the mouth for a short period of time. This significantly reduces    the viral load in the mouth and in the treatment room, even for a patient with the virus but asymptomatic.
  • Time between patients:  to respect physical distance and to avoid contact between our patients, additional delays are provided between each visit. These also allow us to carry out our disinfection protocols properly.


We thank our patients

We know that these new measures will require some adaptation on your part, and especially during your first visit following the end of the confinement. Our team has put these in place to ensure everyone's safety, and we know we can count on your cooperation during your appointments.

Be aware that the situation is changing and that these measures are expected to change. Nevertheless, rest assured that we follow all the recommendations of the Ordre des dentistes du Quebec and those of public health “to a T”.

If you have any questions or concerns about your visits, if you have a dental emergency, or if you want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Charouk and her team, feel free to contact us. We are always at your disposal, whether to reassure you or to welcome you at the clinic to take care of your smile.

We thank you for your trust, patience and loyalty. At Dents Mon Quartier, we have a team that is committed to providing you and your family with high-quality dental care. Your health and well-being guide our practice.