Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer screening

It is very important to diagnose oral diseases, such as oral cancer, as early as possible. The sooner they are diagnosed, the sooner they can be treated and the sooner the healing process can start.

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From infection to cancer

The oral cancer screening test consists of diagnosing and treating oral diseases such as cysts, tumors and precancerous and cancerous lesions. Unusual changes in the mouth, bones, gums, tongue or throat are common and may be caused by a disease.

Many benign infections of the oral cavity resemble precancerous or cancerous lesions. The best way to prevent them is having, an oral cancer screening test performed at least every year - or more if you have a high risk of oral cancer.

Procedure of an oral cancer screening test

Normally, visual screening is first performed to identify abnormalities. During your dental examination, your dentist also conducts an oral cancer screening:

  • examining your tongue and inside your mouth looking for red or white spots or sores;
  • feeling the tissue of your mouth in search of bumps or other abnormalities;
  • prescribing other tests in the event that anomalies are detected

Intraoral images are often taken to document the appearance of a lesion at the time of the dental examination. A biopsy (tissue sampling) could also be sent to a laboratory for analysis and to allow the pathologist to make a diagnosis.