Composite fillings

Composite fillings (a mixture of glass and plastic) are used to seal cavities resulting from decayed teeth or to improve the overall aesthetic of your smile, including replacing those grey fillings by natural looking white ones.

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Composite fillings specifications

Your dentist can repair cavities caused by cavities with composite fillings to improve your oral health. These fillings:

  • Looks natural ;
  • Allows to preserve healthy enamel while preparing the tooth to receive the filling;
  • Allows chemical adhesion to your natural tooth.

Composite fillings are not used solely to treat cavities; they also serve to improve the aesthetics of your smile by altering the color and shape of your teeth. Even the front teeth can benefit from this type of treatment!

How filling a tooth works

To fill a tooth, your dentist will:

  • numb the whole area of the mouth to ensure the best possible comfort throughout your visit;
  • layer the composite sealant material, which will be cured with a specific light following each application, to allow proper bonding to the tooth being repaired;
  • shape the material so it resembles one of your natural teeth and fits properly to the other teeth around;
  • Polish the filling to prevent stains and premature wear.